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Wellness Reboot

$ 209.00 USD
$ 199.99 USD

As we all know, wellness is about WAY more than fitness. Have you been wanting to take a deeper dive into your health? This is your chance! Jenna will be your personal accountability person as we explore nutrition, sleep, meditation, mental wellness, and fitness. This is a one on one program and not completed in a group setting. Each person will receive: 1. One 60 minute personalized Pilates privates (in studio or virtual if you are out of town) 2. A complete Wellness Guide with prompts to personalize 3. A gratitude journal 4. One 30 minute call/meeting midpoint progress call 5. Access to Kickstart to Pilates and Barre (Video Package) 6. Accountability with Jenna all the way through! Sign up here & we will send your Wellness Guide & Gratitude Journal in our welcome package. We can’t wait to help you make the most of this new year!

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