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May 27, 2020

The All or Nothing Mindset

The “all or nothing” mindset can really sabotage your health and fitness goals. Prior to children, I (Jenna) was stuck...

May 7, 2020

Why Pilates Now?

Pilates has been around for a long time now and has gained a following for good reason. Even so, you may think...

April 9, 2020

Set Up for Success: Your Home Workout Space (Video)

We are all at home right now, and moving our bodies may be one of the best forms of stress relief. Setting up a home workout...

April 1, 2020

Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget (Video)

Eating well is vital to our overall health. Breaking the bank to buy food of high quality is painful and sometimes not possible. Here are some tips to minimize your grocery bill but still consume nutrient-dense food.