Set Up for Success: Your Home Workout Space (Video)

Celeste Sedlar

Set Up for Success: Your Home Workout Space (Video)

We are all at home right now, and moving our bodies may be one of the best forms of stress relief.  Setting up a home workout space doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The best place is one you will actually use and look forward to visiting.  It can be a nook in your bedroom or a spot cleared of your kids toys.  Keep an inspirational quote or a pretty piece of art in your space to keep your motivation high. Here are some key pieces for your Pilates/Barre home space:

1. A mat! There are so many mats out there. Usually, for a Pilates practice you want to select one that’s a little thicker. Here’s an option off of amazon that is good quality but won’t break the bank.
Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat For Women/Men

2. Light weights. These are always great to have for barre class where we use light weights with high repetitions. There are so many out there an it really doesn’t matter the brand. Some of my favorites over the years have been from Target or the Dollar General (seriously their fitness section is great).
Here are some from Target

3. Small Stability Ball. We use these all the time to intensify abdominal and glute work. There are many brands out there that will work well.
Here is the Stott ball we use in the studio

4. Resistance Loops. Any of you who know me, know I love a resistance loop. They are so easy to travel with and give any workout some serious heat. Most come as packages of different resistances.
My favorites are from Synergee
Or these from TRX

5. Long Resistance Band. This band is excellent for replicating Pilates Reformer exercises. It can also be tied and used as a resistance loop.
The Stott band is around $8.00 on Amazon

6. Pilates Magic Circle. Everybody has a love/hate relationship with this innocent-looking ring. Use it for Pilates workouts to intensify the burn. It’s definitely not a necessity for your home space, but it’s a nice bonus.
Here’s the one from the video

7. A Foam Roller. These are excellent for recovery but are also great for workouts! The full-length ones are best.
Here’s one of my favorites

Remember to add some inspiration in your space and not just equipment! The goal is to make it a place where you look forward to coming and releasing stress/worries. Be proud of your home space. We’d love to see your set-ups!

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